Transferability : Exporting methods and cultures from the BA LTR

Increasingly I am aware of the potential in the transferability of methods and approaches to work based learning out of the BA Learning Technology Research (LTR) program in to other programs. Indeed many of the issues in WBL, particularly within Foundation Degrees (FD), maybe addressed by the full or partial utilisation of methods from the BA LTR.  It seems that there is a direct match between some challenges faced by FD’s (taken from numerous sources including HEFCE, 07; QAA 04 and  NSS) and some of the solutions and approaches already successfully active in the BA LTR.  








Transferring methods
Transferring methods

For example: Few of these solutions, if any are new, but so many e-learning bolt-ons have limited success. Whilst the mechanisms of course are the visible transfer, it is suggested also that attitudinal, cultural and pedagogic transfers are also critical for success with these potential solutions. 

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