Previously, and now for some time, I have been using ‘iblog’ in conjunction with .Mac web space to maintain my blog. Being located in one place most of the time meant that I liked the consistency of this arrangement. A few days ago, since upgrading my operating system, the upload process seemed to only partially complete. What bothered me most was that the files (images and text) were very difficult to unpack and reassemble; it was very complex to track which files were missing. It has ultimately been quicker to start again. Like many things, what initially seemed to be a stress has played out rather well.  The use of word press will allow me to make entries from multiple locations, unlike the previous configuration.  The search, category and control facilities are improved and the move has caused me to back up material (which otherwise I am not great at doing). I will now gradually migrate content access from the old blog. Apologies to those who need to change their RSS.

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