Competence Wrappers : A creative curriculum solution for work based learning

The competence wrapper module may be seen as a vehicle to collate and enhance workplace learning that focus on the development of specific and technical skills and related areas of knowledge (or learning achieved through a range of training initiatives or non credit baring courses). The competence wrapper is a way of adding value to practice based learning through the addition of systemic reflection, the linking of the learning to an organisational context and sector issues and through the development of meta-learning (including learning awareness, decision making and learning habits).

Work-based learning is currently being achieved in a variety of ways; to achieve and justify academic credit for this learning it needs to be brought together, interconnected and deepened. The wrapper module seeks to enable this to occur. A wrapper module can be seen to draw together learning from potentially a wide range of sources including existing NVQ training and in-house company training, short courses, work-place experience and conference events.

Wrapper modules

  • are a versatile way of adding value to existing learning and thereafter accrediting that learning.
  • give credit for the development of professional skills and knowledge, and for the development of associated knowledge, personal development planning and reflective skills.
  • recognise that there is a great deal of valuable learning already being undertaken in and through the workplace.
  • devolve the development of work-place skills, competence and knowledge to external experts, to real world practitioners and industry experts.
  • may vary in credit value according to the volume of learning being wrapped and the breadth and depth of the wrapping added.
  • seek to add additional layers of learning on to existing provision.

Layers of knowledge and skills sit within the wrapper module (click to view):

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