Steps for feedback (online)

Thinking about how technology can enable feedback at different points in a learners journey led me to articulate the ways in which I, and colleagues, have previously used technology and specifically an online forum/community space to share feedback and grow from it. To benefit from high levels of feedback there must be a high degree of trust amongst participants to both give and receive feedback. Trust is needed to feel that a voice has value, particularly in peer to peer feedback.

Through these steps feedback becomes its own route to learning.

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2 Responses to Steps for feedback (online)

  1. abasiel says:

    Hi Lydia – I like your section for online feedback. I have done my MPhil. in Computing Science in ‘Applied Formative Evaluation in the Web Based Environment’. (See )
    Please see my blog at
    I’m happy to have a discussion anytime in August as I’m in the States for the Adobe Education Leaders Programme. Please do email me anytime on

  2. lydiaarnold says:

    Thanks Skip – I will add your blog to my links here. I remember a paper that Ian Terrell asked me to contribute to, I think that you were lead author, with Ian and also Gina Revill. Thanks for the links, I will be in touch.

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