Accreditation in upgoer5

Yesterday I struggled to explain accreditation services and the point of them. So thought it worth a little time to think about my clarity of message. My verbal inadequacy coincided with me stumbling upon a post from Ruth which showed the importance of scientists and academics writing and communicating in an accessible way. I have had fun exploring the quirky writing tool that forces us to communicate in less complex ways by using only the 1000 most used words. The beauty of this approach is neatly captured by the explanation of the Saturn 5 rocket in words that help even me to understand such complexity.

So here is my attempt at explaining the point of accreditation using theupgoer5 method.

To help people learn so that they can be better at their jobs we can make courses so people can leave behind their work for a day or two and spend time together, learning. They come along and share ideas and have a go at doing stuff, listening to others or talking together. After the course they might do something which shows that they have learnt things. That way others will know they were paying attention.

We have some courses that people can join or we can make one just for your work place, for people who do the same things or work in a team together. To do that we will need to know what stuff you want to learn, what ways you want people to act when they have done the course and how you want people to actually learn together (you might want to sit in a room together and talk, you might want to go out to new places or you may want to use computers). This helps make a plan which can be taken away be people who know about stuff that you want to know about and be turned in to an amazing course. But you might not want us to make a course because you might be pretty good at helping people to learn too.

Another way people learn is when they take courses at work. They learn by listening to important people telling them things, by trying out new ways of doing things, by thinking through how things might be done better, by reading, playing games and by completing things on the computer. Instead of saying this learning is not as good as learning done here we can take a look and see if it is like the learning we do but just in a different place, with different people. If this is the case then we will be able to recognize your learning so that you have a certificate like students who do courses here.

Checking out your course can be hard – it means we need to send each other lots of paper and it can make people annoyed when we have to ask so many questions. It is however really important because when we are done, you know that the people doing the courses really should have their reward.

It’s really important for us to work in these different ways because we know that there are lots of people who do really good work and are really great at learning. We don’t always like the way we have to check on the way your courses are going because it can feel like we are trying to put our ideas on to you, but this also makes sure that we can show the outside world how good people are at learning.

Whilst my text here is highly imperfect it does help me to reflect on the words I use and the way that working groups assume a common language that is impenetrable to others.

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