Cardiff University Learning and Teaching Conference Slides – Unlocking the Power of Authentic Assessment #LTCU2019

Picture courtesy of @Oen_C

We had a fantastic, positive Learning and Teaching Conference yesterday at Cardiff University, where we explored ideas about authentic assessment. I saw great ideas on mentoring, transition and media use, as well as the brilliant three minute thesis with metaphors. Check out #LTCU2019 for the highlights on Twitter.

I have uploaded a set of my slides. Technical gremlins on the day meant that the version on screen was the ‘almost but not quite ready set’ so here are the full and final set! I have also included the Menti results that were collated. There are a few hyperlinks in here too, should anyone want to follow up.

Cardiff Keynote Slides (pptx)

Cardiff Keynote Final (pdf)

Your challenges with making assessmnet authentic
And here’s the Menti for the session showing the challenges for authentic assessment 

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