Edinburgh Napier – Authentic Assessment & Action Research

Today I visited Edinburgh, which looked beautifully twinkley and all decked out for Christmas. I came to offer two sessions – a lecture on authentic assessment  and a seminar on action research.  It’s been a great day with lots of interaction on exemplars, technology, reflection, and much more. I go away with lots of ideas and thoughts and inspiration (which isn’t easy by week 9 of term, so thanks team Napier!).


Why we may need to rethink how we discuss action research.

Here are the resources, as promised. Please use and re purpose as helpful.

Authentic Assessment Arise Lecture

Action Research Workshop

Action Research Planning Worksheet

Additionally please see below for direct links to the HEA/AdvanceHE Guides to action research.

Finally – I was asked about publishing action research. I’d recommend having  look at the journal called Educational Action Research for inspiration and also explore CARN (not exclusively HE or even education, but a very broad church of inspirational research which includes HE).

HEA Action Research Guide
HEA Action Research Guide

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