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(My) Lessons from the flipped classroom

In September 2015 I committed to deliver a thirty-credit module, called The Teaching Practitioner, using A flipped classroom pedagogy. The module is the first of two in a PgC Teaching and Supporting Learning in HE; it is associated with Associate … Continue reading

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Course level assessment – nice idea, but what does it really mean?

It is increasingly clear that thinking about curriculum in the unit of ‘the course’ rather than the unit of ‘the module is conducive to cohesive course design. It avoids repetition, ensures the assessment journey makes sense to the student and … Continue reading

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Learning transitions and playing with concept map

In an attempt to unscramble my own thoughts and make them remain in my head longer than the time it takes to type and send I have embarked upon a concept mapping exercise. So taking a reply I made earlier … Continue reading

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Steps for feedback (online)

Thinking about how technology can enable feedback at different points in a learners journey led me to articulate the ways in which I, and colleagues, have previously used technology and specifically an online forum/community space to share feedback and grow … Continue reading

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Some small actions for the improvement of facilitation

 At the end of another semester Shirley and I were sharing thoughts on our own strengths and weaknesses over the last twelve weeks/two modules. We believe, intuitively and based upon recent experiences, that a number of very small facilitation actions have worked … Continue reading

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Planning assessment work

A recurring observation for me when reading undergraduate work is that there is often a lack of planning present. There may well be lots of information, some interesting and valuable comments and some treatment of literature, but I am convinced … Continue reading

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Six weeks old – a community snapshot

  The researchers that I am currently working with are looking at their early contributions to the online learning community. They are asked to evidence, categorise and explore their early community activity. Inspired by this I did a quick round … Continue reading

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