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Jing-tastic; Audio visual tool

During a summer of local and international educational development workshops ‘Jing’ has had many outings. I was struck to see how this really simple facility never fails to make people say – “wow, I can really use that”. It’s a … Continue reading

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Apps 2012

As I have progressed through my EdD my ways of working have got a little smarter. There are four apps that have served me well in 2012 for supporting my studies … 1. Reminders (so in the hours where I … Continue reading

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Jing – Better late than never

Having used Captivate for screen capture I never really saw the need for any other software of this type. However I have been experimenting with Jing, after seeing it used by Russell Stannard, and I have been mightily impressed! Essentially … Continue reading

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Opinion on markets

There is an enormous amount of recoiling in horror going on tonight about the marketisation of higher education. It has been coming for some time – this should not be an unexpected theme – the emphasis on QA, market engagement, … Continue reading

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The institutional development of ‘online’

I have been reading a paper by Orr, Williams and Pennington (2009) and it struck a chord with a recent project that I have been peripherally involved in. The paper analyses staff perceptions around the motivating factors for online engagement … Continue reading

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Patchwork discussions

Really interesting to catch up with Kevin Brace earlier in the week. Kevin, based at Aston, and I met up to explore ideas about patchwork text (or, more accurately patchwork media) on the back of some ALT mail list exchanges. … Continue reading

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An approach to graduate development for employer engagement

We have been developing a series of online modules that may be combined to form a postgraduate certificate, a postgraduate diploma or even an MSc. One of the core modules is summarised in this ‘walk through’ along with details of … Continue reading

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