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Learning transitions and playing with concept map

In an attempt to unscramble my own thoughts and make them remain in my head longer than the time it takes to type and send I have embarked upon a concept mapping exercise. So taking a reply I made earlier … Continue reading

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A refreshing reminder of the possibilities for education

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Quiet PDP, meta-PDP.

A recent TED video (short) raised the idea to me that those who have a tendency to announce their goals to others may be more likely to be distracted from the achievement of them. The video flags research undertaken last year … Continue reading

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Validated: Professional Studies Framework featuring an online cohort of individuals

Last week Harper Adams University College validated ‘The Professional Studies Framework’. The framework will facilitate the negotiation of employer sponsored cohorts of work based learners from levels 4-7 and enable individual’s to study online towards an MSc in Professional Studies. … Continue reading

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Personalised learning : emerging issues from literature

  Personalisation may be seen from multiple perspectives (including from policy, pedogogical, ideological perspectives), at the heart of personalisation is a consideration of learner need but in addition personalisation is separated from learner centredness by an emphasis on learner voice … Continue reading

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Personalisation: consumption, egoism and still many questions.

After some further reading the need for criticality remains. Reading Newell, R (2003) Passion for learning it outlines approaches to personalised learning not too far away from the Ultraversity approach to learning. Two key differences Newell is talking about school … Continue reading

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The need for criticality : Personalised Learning

Personalised learning is an educational flavour of the day, no doubt. It troubles me slightly though that so often whatever the context we accept personalisation as good. As an end, an educational aim to achieve. Sometimes it is seen more … Continue reading

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