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Course level assessment – nice idea, but what does it really mean?

It is increasingly clear that thinking about curriculum in the unit of ‘the course’ rather than the unit of ‘the module is conducive to cohesive course design. It avoids repetition, ensures the assessment journey makes sense to the student and … Continue reading

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Diversifying assessment (and assessment generally)

After a inspiring Learning & Teaching Forum lead by Professor Chris Rust of Oxford Brookes, I pledged my post session action would be to capture my best bits from the day. So … Some  take away points from today’s session … Continue reading

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The Jing feedback experiment

Since the last post on Jing (screen capture) I have tried it out more intensively by making 45 videos for formative feedback on personal development. I received draft submissions from students, opened them on the screen, started the video capture … Continue reading

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5 reasons why giving pass/fail marks, as opposed to percentage grades, might not be a bad idea

1. Grades may be an inhibitor of deeper self-reflection, which is in turn linked to self-regulated learning (White and Fantone 2010). Grade chasing distracts from meaningful learning review (see also Dweck 2010). For real examples of this, some student views … Continue reading

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Thoughts on peer review

A combination of intensive marking, reviewing and discussion of peer review has formed a few thoughts associated with peer review … On rubric led feedback Rubrics are useful as they in some way at least set the ground rules for … Continue reading

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E-assessment for work based learning: Functionality v ideals

There are very close ties, or at least there can be, between e-learning, e-assessment and work-based learning. The compatibility of e- methods and work-based, work-located studies is in many instances because of: · Pragmatic considerations o Access anytime, anywhere using … Continue reading

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Sign of the times: assessment

Last week Jacob (5) submitted his year one homework by handing over a URL to his teacher – brilliant! A clear sign of the times J His task was to re-tell a story by any means; cartoon, writing, through a … Continue reading

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